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The Emmiwell Story

Emmiwell is short for Emmaus Institute

for Wellness in Life and Love.

We are a research-driven, collaborative and education initiative that accompanies each person to bring about a wholeness and holiness in them and in the culture at large.



Our mission is to help people cultivate freer, more meaningful lives at the service of others. 


What notice in our world today is much hurting, isolation, and desolation.  People are, in many ways, internally fractured and communally divided.  But imagine how it would be if we, collectively, worked to build the Civilization of Love as Christ wills it to be! We envision a collaborative effort where people contribute within their own talents and limitations to help each other live life well and in union with others.



We accomplish our mission by conducting and following research in overall wellness, providing educational opportunities and fostering a culture of community and support.  Six broad goals exist: 

1  We conduct ongoing research and analysis with experts in many fields for the betterment of each person.


2  We Advocate for a Christo-centric approach for living that focuses on self-responsibility, life balance, openness to Christian spirituality.


3  We Educate people in living well. Knowledge can be a powerful tool. We cultivate a mindset that enables them to develop a plan for living well.


4 We Accompany people in living Christ-Centered lives and Train them in developing the thoughts, behaviors, and culture that foster personal health and service to the greater good.


5  We Create communities of support and encouragement.


6  We Cultivate a culture of community and encouragement among participants by utilizing the expertise of the many to help the one (person) receive insight and support.


Why an Emphasis on Wellness?

The term Wellness is used in broad terms by many cultures and ideologies.  By wellness we understand that God has designed us to live well. Our bodies, our minds and our spirits are meant to play a beautiful song in unison, a symphony of praise so to speak. Continuing the metaphor, there are obstacles in life that inhibit us and which cause that song to be played out of tune or even the musical score to be completely lost. The Emmiwell Initiative endeavors to help people in mind, body and spirit recover that song of life so that our lives can be restored as glorious masterworks and our lives become a beautiful symphony well played.


Wellness in Life & Love

Life and Love are like the two lungs of each person’s life.  Without them, we cannot live or don't live well. Once we stop breathing we die.  Similarly, If we stop loving, then our true purpose for living dies.

All the research, education, training, and collaboration done at Emmiwell is for the advancement of life and love in each individual person and for cultivating a 'culture of community'.

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