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Freedom Through Forgiveness Course

Moving from Resentment to the Freedom to Forgive

Course Instructor:
Tom McCabe 

Lecturer & Founder of Emmiwell 

Tom has been a lecturer, teacher, author.  He has...


Three Aims of the Course

Format of the Course
The Forgiveness Course is much more like a working retreat. While providing rich teaching in many aspects of forgiveness, it avails participants with an opportunity for hands-on work in mind, body, and spirit.  

You will have access to a series of lectures and interviews that also instruct you in practically applying what you are learning.

There are guided reflections to help you discern what you are learning so as to grow in self-knowledge, healing, and freedom.

There are opportunities, if you so choose, to participate online with a small group of journeyers, like yourself, for support and enrichment.

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